Commitment for you 

Marscomponents thrives on a model of continuous improvement: improvement of quality and service, a total commitment to customer satisfaction is our primary goal. In Marscomponents, we only deliver high quality products and every part will receive a rigorous quality inspection. And we warrant the form, fit, and function of parts bought on Marscomponents for a period of sixty (60) days. 
Strict Inspection Process
In today's high-tech marketplace, counterfeiting is a serious and growing problem in the worldwide electronics industry, therefore it is imperative that companies engaged in the distribution of electronic and mechanical components, have a best-practice counterfeit prevention program. At Marscomponents, we understand how big of negative impacts this really has, Marscomponents has the capability and the resources available to provide complete and cost effective solutions for counterfeit component prevention, and we have put multiple procedures in place to prevent counterfeit products from reaching our end customers.
The electronic inspection process is based upon customer specified requirements, Marscomponents’ quality standards, as well as OEM’s specifications. Marscomponents uses a rigorous components inspection program for all products prior to delivery, and substandard products are rejected and quarantined, thus to prevent the likelihood of counterfeit material entering our supply chain or the customers supply chain. 
Our in-house & third-party inspection capabilities include:
•    Complete Visual inspection by IDEA-ICE-3000 certified inspectors
•    Chemical De-capsulation, with microscopic die inspection.
•    X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy (XRF) testing. 
•    Data sheet verification.
•    Pb-free / RoHS testing
•    Solderability testing.
•    Reliability testing
•    Authenticity Inspection & Verification (AIV) 
•    Electrical testing / Direct Current Characteristics Test (DCCT)
•    Programming
•    Functional test
•    Failure analyst
If you have any problems about quality, directly contact your sales representative via phone or email, and our professional customer service representatives will be pleased to answer questions.
For more details on our quality control & warranty, please feel free to email to cs@marscomponents.com
Email: info@marscomponents.com or jim@jitcomp.com