Industry 4.0 will become the leading application of the Internet of Things in 5 years

 Avnet's global electronic component products and solutions distributor e-Luomeng released the latest research report on the Internet of Things. The report shows that the role of the Internet of Things in industrial automation and control applications is growing, which is essential to the realization of Industry 4.0. The annual survey of eLuomeng Global Internet of Things aims to further gain insight into the key market of Internet of Things, especially the opportunities and challenges faced by Internet of Things engineers.

The survey shows that industrial automation and control (25%), home automation (18%) and artificial intelligence (12%) are the most important application areas of the Internet of Things. However, although the industry regards industrial automation and control as a key application market for the Internet of Things, it is generally believed that the growth of Industry 4.0 applications is still relatively slow. The main reason is that security issues (32%) and lack of business strategy (30%) hinder the adoption and integration of smart manufacturing solutions. The survey also shows that security is still the most important issue (29%) that developers need to consider during the IoT design process, and it is also their most concerned issue (36%), followed by connectivity and interoperability.
The value of data collected by connected devices of the Internet of Things is one of the important factors for the application of the Internet of Things. As the degree of interconnection between smart cities, smart factories, smart homes, and smart cars has deepened, some networked devices and systems have been able to automatically exchange and store data. These data can prompt enterprises to improve many business operations, increase business profitability or reduce operating costs, and will also help achieve higher quality, higher efficiency, and stronger compliance and predictive maintenance functions. 48% of the respondents said that improving productivity and manufacturing capabilities are their main considerations when designing IoT connections.
The survey also pointed out that artificial intelligence will continue to be used in the design of IoT solutions. 39% of respondents said they have used artificial intelligence in project design, and another 47% of respondents expressed their willingness to deploy artificial intelligence in future project designs. In addition, environmental sensors are still rated as the most commonly used sensors in IoT devices, which can be used to measure temperature, humidity, pressure, gas, etc. This trend has continued throughout the three IoT surveys conducted by e-column. The survey also found that 48% of respondents use single-board computers as the core platform for IoT solution design.
A series of innovative solutions for smart home, industry, market and government have laid a good foundation for the future development of the Internet of Things. Research shows that the Internet of Things will still be the focus of future design. However, when asked whether their company can dominate the IoT market in the future, half of the respondents (49%) have a confidence of 0-25%. Only 11% of respondents expect their company to be a leader in the development of the Internet of Things and have a clear plan for the company's development.
In 2020, the new crown epidemic has had an important impact on the Internet of Things industry, prompting the rapid growth of the development of new medical equipment and systems, and will also promote the increasing demand for more advanced networked medical equipment in the future. The Internet of Things is gradually changing the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring methods of patients, and can provide support for vaccine tracking and inventory management. A quarter of the respondents believe that healthcare will be the next important industry to benefit from innovative connections in the Internet of Things. In addition, the use of single-board computers as the core platform for IoT design is also consistent with customer feedback previously collected by e-Network. During the home isolation period of the epidemic, design engineers have used development kits and single-board computers to design solutions.
Cliff Ortmeyer, director of Farnell and the global technical marketing department of eLommen, said: "At least in the medium term, the development of industrial automation and the continuous implementation of Industry 4.0 will form the largest and fastest growing IoT market. This field is e The focus of Lumeng’s business development is also the area where we are currently investing heavily. e Lumeng is committed to providing customers with the necessary support for their IoT development journey, not only providing a wider range of IoT products and solutions, but also providing in-depth Market insights to enhance customers’ professional knowledge and help achieve innovative R&D. The e-column global Internet of Things survey has been carried out three times and has become the vane of the Internet of Things industry. By understanding the characteristics of the Internet of Things solutions that engineers value most, and the construction of engineers The way the Internet of Things is designed, as well as the daily challenges faced by engineers, we can more targeted to improve services based on customer needs, and at the same time provide useful and rich insights into the entire Internet of Things market."
The results of the e-column’s 2020 IoT annual survey also shared some of the engineers’ personal insights, involving the choice of "wireless and wired" connections in IoT design, preferred suppliers, popular single-board computers for new IoT designs, and the most commonly used programming Language and communication preferences, etc. eLuomeng provides a wide range of products and supporting resources to help developers design IoT solutions and integrate artificial intelligence technology, including products from leading manufacturers Raspberry Pi and Arduino, as well as from Schneider, Molex and Omega for IAC applications product.
eLuomeng also has an IoT center, which can facilitate users to obtain the latest products, industry insights and white papers, so as to provide the necessary support for their entire design process. Users can visit Farnell (Europe, Middle East and Africa), Newark (North America) and e-column (Asia Pacific) to view the complete survey results of e-column’s third global Internet of Things survey project.

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