ON Semiconductor will showcase power and sensing solutions for future cars at AMTS in Shanghai

 ON Semiconductor ranks among the world’s top ten automotive industry semiconductor suppliers and will showcase its innovative image perception and LiDAR solutions, as well as Strata-enabled LED lighting solutions for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS)/autonomous driving , To improve safety and driving comfort. The company will also showcase various power modules for cleaner cars, including advanced silicon carbide (SiC) solutions for electric vehicle (EV) powertrains, on-board chargers (OBC) and 48 V systems.

Visitors will see the following program demonstrations at ON Semiconductor's booth #E24 in Hall W4:
The AR0144AT driver monitoring system has a 1 million pixel sensor, optimized for the high sensitivity of infrared (940 nm) LED lighting, and has industry-leading shutter efficiency to achieve precise eye/head tracking. Its small size makes it easy to integrate into dashboards and infotainment systems.
The high-resolution depth data provided by LiDAR can realize instantaneous and accurate object recognition under challenging low-light conditions. As a reference design for the latest automotive-grade silicon photomultiplier (SiPM), the RDM 1x16 array realizes a cost-effective long-distance LiDAR solution, bringing safety and autonomous driving to a new level.
LED lighting
The ready-to-use Strata-enabled LED lighting evaluation kit (EVK) and pixel lamp controller reference design provide a comprehensive evaluation experience to test, measure and control various key design parameters in LED automotive lighting systems. This helps design engineers determine whether the solution is compatible and suitable for their automotive lighting applications.
The kit is suitable for a range of scenarios, including instrument panels, rear combination lights (RCL), daytime running lights (DRL), fog lights, central high-mount stop lights (CHMSL) arrays, turn signals and other external modulation devices.
EV powertrain
VE TracTM main drive inverter power module includes 6 groups of single-sided direct cooling power integrated modules (PIM), double-sided cooling PIM and silicon carbide (SiC)-based modules, which are specially designed for main drive inverters to drive modern The electric motor of an electric car. These compact solutions are optimized to provide first-class electrical and thermal performance, and solve other challenges such as power dissipation and switching efficiency.
The 6.6 kilowatt (kW) SiC OBC platform is based on high-voltage super-junction MOSFETs. It is a high-efficiency and high-power-density reference design with interleaved power factor correction (PFC) and full-bridge LLC. These advanced, extremely stable and reliable components increase the operating efficiency to 95%. The three-phase 11 kW OBC PFC+LLC platform combines a modular approach and an easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to evaluate SiC devices in OBC applications.
The OBC evaluation board 6.6 kW totem pole PFC provides a reference design for the multi-channel interleaved bridgeless topology, reducing the number of components, reducing conduction losses, and increasing the efficiency to 97%.
48 V system
ON Semiconductor will also showcase automotive power modules (APM). These high-power-density modules are designed to withstand the inherent vibration and mechanical stress in the vehicle environment, and are characterized by high energy efficiency, reliability and low thermal resistance, allowing designers to more easily implement components in light hybrid vehicle systems.
In addition, Dr. Yunxia Xi, Marketing Director of the Intelligent Perception Department of ON Semiconductor Greater China, will present the theme of "Intelligent Sensing" at the "Autonomous Driving and Intelligent Networking Development Technology Conference" held at 3:30 pm on July 7 in the forum area of ??Hall W4. "Sensors help new requirements for autonomous driving" a keynote speech.

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