Broadcom Launches Industry's First Generation 7 Fibre Channel Switching Platform

 On September 1, Broadcom’s official website announced the launch of the industry’s first seventh-generation 64Gb/s Fibre Channel switching platform. At the same time, the company also announced the industry’s first 64Gb/s Fibre Channel transceiver.

The new end to end (end to end) 64Gb/s storage solution has industry-leading switches, adapters and transceivers.
Brocade's 7th generation Fibre Channel switching platform has the most advanced analysis functions and autonomous learning functions, which can realize autonomous SAN. The new 64Gb/s speed and 50% lower latency enable the network to provide new impetus for storage innovation systems such as NVMe flash memory arrays.
In November 2016, Broadcom announced the acquisition of Fibre Channel and Ethernet switch manufacturer Brocade for US$5.9 billion. In order to circumvent antitrust laws and avoid making too many enemies, Broadcom only retained Brocade’s Fibre Channel network products and storage business. , To split and sell Brocade’s other businesses.
Fibre Channel Switch ASIC is the "brain" of Fibre Channel Switch, Broadcom's global market share in the upstream Fibre Channel Switch ASIC market exceeds 30%.
In 2017, Broadcom announced the successful development of the new Brocade G620 switch with QLogic and Broadcom Emulex's 32Gbps host Fibre Channel card (HBA), and announced the official debut of the sixth-generation storage Fibre Channel network technology.

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