Intel Capital invests $ 132 million in 11 disruptive technology startups

 Intel Capital, Intel ’s global investment agency, recently announced that it has invested in 11 technology startups with a total investment of US $ 132 million. These companies have brought breakthrough innovations to the market in areas such as artificial intelligence, autonomous driving computing and chip design.

The invested companies include Anodot, Astera Labs, Axonne, Hypersonix, Jiang Fung Bio (KFBIO), Lilt, MemVerge, ProPlus Electronics, Retrace, Spectrum Materials and Xsight Labs.
"Intel Capital is committed to discovering and investing in disruptive startups that actively improve our work and lifestyle. Each of our recent investment projects is expanding boundaries in areas such as artificial intelligence, data analysis, autonomous systems, and semiconductor innovation. Intel Capital is pleased to work with these companies to work together to meet the challenges facing the world today and jointly promote sustainable long-term growth. "-(Wendell Brooks) (Senior Vice President of Intel Corporation and President of Intel Capital)

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